Olympia Airport

The 2022 Airport Master Plan should include:

Public Health as an additional  decision criterium for proposed actions (based on Tuft’s University and Seattle/King County airport health studies).

The introduction of a Hotline to report concerns, disturbances, with a corresponding log if resolved or not.

Proactive communication about the goings on at the airport, f.e. via web site news flashes and/or a blog.

Commitment for measurements, fully disclosed and independently verified, of soil-born pollution (lead and other toxins) and airborne pollution factors as studied in the Seattle/King County study of SeaTac (and other relevant scientific information as available) in several selected locations, up to ten miles away, within the community around the airport at regular time intervals and year-after-year.

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1 thought on “Olympia Airport”

  1. Washington does not need another airport so the Rich can become Richer and the rest if US become sicker.
    Get real with this. There is too much data that shows airplanes cause health problems. Do we really need to be just like California? Please NO to new airport in Washington.

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