Best Life Thurston Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a grassroots group of smart people who know the need for active participation in democracy.  This group became active and joined forces with others for these reasons:

The Olympia Port – marine and air – continues to be sore subject.  For its close proximity to residential living, it has shown little interest to be a responsible and good neighbor.

Thurston County could very well be the next site for a new mega airport and is unprepared.

The acceleration of global warming affects everyone.  Commercial interests have hampered global cooling efforts.  And continued expansion of noisy and dirty flying is not necessary and irresponsible under those circumstances

Positive change often has to come from the outside, and we are not afraid to propose innovative solutions.  As such, we work on

  • giving back to the public the voice that directs government of the people, and
  • tone down commercial influence.


The influence of big money on election campaigns and elected officials has undermined and corrupted the political system at all levels of government.  It has created the fertile ground for the wide-spread misinformation, dishonesty, division, loss of tolerant values, political stalemate, and unprecedented shift of wealth from the many into the hands of very few.

We believe we see this happening right now with Washington’s plans for aviation expansion and the mandate to the Aviation Division of the Washington Department of Transportation and the Commercial Aviation Coordinating (or rather Expansion) Commission (CACC) to make recommendations for a new mega airport in the Puget Sound region, as well as for commercial service expansions at existing airports, such as at Olympia Regional Airport.

A new mega airport in Thurston County is a real possibility, given its proximity to Tacoma and Seattle, and given the availability of land, as perceived by WSDOT and the CACC.

BestLifeThurston will also take up other issues as they develop, and this Web site will change constantly.  We hope that this will lead to a movement that begins to put government back into the hands of people through publicly funded campaigns and campaigns that focus on issues and solutions.

This is truly a grass roots effort, on a shoe-string-budget, and so far, we have not asked for or received external funding.  We are all private citizens and not affiliated with a commercial or special interest group.

Founding members and affiliates:

Ursula Euler, CPA, MBA



Contact us at:

Work in Progress: Social Media connections, more contact options (sorry, still on a shoe-string)